Servicing & Repairing Your Hybrid

It is important to understand what makes hybrid vehicles different than regular internal combustion vehicles. Hybrid vehicles combine power from two or more sources. Meaning, your hybrid vehicle drives using power created from a fossil fuel and from electricity.

The increasing popularity of hybrids has made them more accessible to everyday drivers, and there are more hybrid vehicles out on the road. This means there are more hybrid vehicles appearing in car repair shops. If your hybrid vehicle is one of the cars showing up in the shop, there are a few different costs to expect.

First of all, it should not cost more to maintain your hybrid. Because most of the hybrid technologies have been out for a while, everyday mechanics have had a chance to get familiar. For those that have not spent a lot of time working on hybrid vehicles, they have had ample opportunities to read-up on the technology or take classes.

This means that the cost you accrue at a car repair shop will be based on the general repairs needed. You should not see extra costs associated with your hybrid unless it is for specific work to the battery, computer or electrical component.

When you do need to take your vehicle in to the shop, make sure you are taking it to a mechanic that has worked with hybrids before. This will streamline your process quite a bit. You will also be able to leave your vehicle knowing that it is in good hands.

Look at the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer. Some vehicles require regular air filter changes. Also, remember that you are also caring for the fuel-injected engine. You will need to maintain a regular oil change schedule.